This is our mission: to revolutionize online education. For this we have created the simplest, most adaptable and complete system for personnel training and talent management (LMS Training), which includes all the tools to generate a personalized learning experience for each student.

Our clients.

We have been working in the online learning market for 20 years. Our clients choose us because we design completely personalized experiences.

This is what allows us to proudly say that we have worked together with brands such as Abbott, Reckitt, Johnson&Johnson, Sanfer, UVM, Grupo Linde, Philip Morris, Grünenthal, among others; the next one would be yours.

(Image: Client company logos)

Each student is a world. Each learning must be a world too.

We do not want to criticize our competition, but this is the truth, they sell the same platform to all their clients, they are almost repetitions of each other.

That is why at KOL CAMPUS we have integrated a platform that is customizable down to the smallest details, with a team that is available 24/7 to support the areas that hire us and end users at NO ADDITIONAL COST. E-learning experiences that do not adapt to their users do not generate good results.

We are not afraid to talk about the competition.

And we do it with pride, knowing from the beginning that we offer an adaptable experience in every way, that is the advantage of open source.


It is widely used by universities, but it is rigid and inflexible. Your customers have to take care of the installation, customization and daily maintenance. They DO NOT have 24/7 support at NO ADDITIONAL COST.

SAP Lithos

It is stable and safe, we recognize that, but it is like buying a new piece of furniture and it comes completely disassembled; and no one wants to be dealing with hammers and screws. They DO NOT have 24/7 support at NO ADDITIONAL COST.

Microsoft Viva Learning

We know a great player when we see one, but we also have to be honest: do you think Microsoft will respond to phone requests for changes to its software?

Cornerstone LMS

Cornerstone is a powerful system, but closed, its possibilities of adapting to the needs of your organization imply the connection with external systems. They DO NOT have 24/7 support at NO ADDITIONAL COST.

Image: Competitor logos

And also none of these platforms is going to be aware if you need to publish an evaluation, optimize an image or update a course TODAY; if you need it, you are faced with severe additional costs per hour, while Kol offers you dynamic and unrestricted content management with real-time support to each student—AT NO EXTRA COST!

Still not convinced?

Well, we still need to tell you the best. KOL CAMPUS has three unique features that you won’t find anywhere else.

We are infinitely flexible.

Yes, it is a risky promise, but it is 100% true.

Unlike other LMS that only allow you to change the logo and customize some colors, KOL CAMPUS can be customized in every detail and functionality you can imagine. There are no limits to the experience we offer, only your imagination.

We are here to help you all year long. Every day.

What do you need? It is the first thing we are going to ask you every time you contact us. No excuses or lies. Need to post a review over the weekend? Optimize an image? Update a course urgently?

We offer you permanent and real-time assistance.

We know about education.

Most of the LMS platforms are just vehicles for educational content: what content you add depends solely on your effort, time and knowledge

We do understand, that’s why our service includes pedagogical advice at no extra cost that will allow you to adapt and improve all your content.

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Streamline, Train and Grow

The growth of your organization depends on efficient training, and Kol Campus is not just a technological ally; but also pedagogical, Kol offers you a comprehensive path to achieve your goals.